Markus Eyting gewinnt EEA Young Economist Award 2023

Markus Eyting

Markus Eyting hat für sein aktuelles Forschungspapier „Why Do We Discriminate? The Role of Motivated Reasoning” den Young Economist Award 2023 der European Economic Association (EEA) erhalten. Der Preis ist mit 2.000 Euro dotiert und wird an junge Forschende für herausragende Arbeiten vergeben, die auf dem Jahreskongress der EEA präsentiert werden.

Das Award Commitee bestehend aus Sule Alan, Francesco Decarolis und Mara Squicciarini begründet die Wahl wie folgt:

„The paper shows how motivated reasoning—our tendency to hold biased beliefs— plays a substantial role in driving discrimination. Notably, the paper emphasizes that conventional informational treatments fail to counteract these biased beliefs effectively. Through a series of focused experiments, the author untangles the connection between motivated beliefs and ethnic discrimination. This exploration also yields innovative strategies to tackle such biases head-on - a core aspect of the paper's novelty.

The paper's significance lies in its practical implications for shaping policies and scholarly conversations. By addressing this ever-important issue in a nuanced and innovative way, the research provides a stepping stone for understanding and counteracting discrimination more comprehensively and efficiently.”

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