Faculty Seminar Series

Our seminar series is jointly run by Prof. Stefan Irnich, Prof. Franz Rothlauf and Prof. Klaus Wälde. This winter term the seminar takes place on mondays from 4:15 - 5:45 pm via Microsoft Teams.

All announcements concerning the seminar will take place via a distribution list to which you can subscribe here. If you want to unsubscribe, please do so here.

Winter Term 2020/2021

16.11.2020: Thomas Cornelissen (University of Essex)

Topic: Knowledge Spillover and Individual Careers

Invited by: Thorsten Schank

23.11.2020: Michel Serafinelli (University of Essex)

Topic: The World's Rust Belts

Invited by: Andrea Laßmann

07.12.2020: Rui Costa (London School of Economics)

Topic:Trade and Worker Deskilling

Invited by: Philip Sauré

11.01.2021: Martin Schmitz (ECB)

Topic: Shifts in the portfolio holdings of euro area investors in the midst of COVID-19: looking-through investment funds

Invited by: Philipp Harms

18.01.2021: Aksel Erbahar (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Topic: Trade Protection Along Supply Chains (by Bown, Conconi, Erbahar, and Trimarchi)

Invited by: Philip Sauré