Brown Bag Seminar


The Brownbag Seminar is an informal research seminar for students and faculty. It takes place on Tuesdays from 12 a.m. until 1 p.m. in room HS VIII (-1 341 Old ReWi building). The seminar serves the purpose of giving doctoral students and faculty a platform for presenting their current research. Talks about unfinished projects or even project ideas are particularly welcome. The talks are held in English. All faculty members and students are kindly invited to attend the seminar. Please feel free to bring your lunch along.

Presenters may bring along an evaluation sheet in order to get feedback about their presentation skills. The presenter is kindly requested to bring a sufficient number of copies of the evaluation sheet to the seminar.

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Summer Term 2020





14.04.2020 Internal meeting
28.04.2020 Covid-19 in Deutschland – Erklärung,
Prognose und der Einfluss gesundheitspolitischer Maßnahmen
Klaus Wälde
05.05.2020 Growing like Germany: Local Public Debt, Local Banks, Low Private Investment Iryna Stewen
12.05.2020 Unilateral Tax Policy in the Open Economy Miriam Kohl
19.05.2020 Multinational firms' organisational dynamics: Competition intensity and the ownership decision under uncertainty Leandro Navarro
26.05.2020 tba
02.06.2020 tba
09.06.2020 Importer survival and growth  Victor Gimenez Perales
16.06.2020 tba
23.06.2020 Estimating the Value of Reputational Loss Christopher Koch
Aiyong Zhu
30.06.2020 Identification as a choice in non-strategic settings Evgeniya Chabanova
07.07.2020 Employer learning about cognitive and noncognitive skills: Evidence from survey data Johannes Kochems

Winter Term 2020 / 21





03.11.2020 Internal meeting
10.11.2020 tba
17.11.2020 tba Tim Klausmann
24.11.2020 tba
01.12.2020 tba
08.12.2020 tba
15.12.2020 tba
05.01.2021 tba
12.01.2021 tba
19.01.2021 tba
26.01.2021 tba
02.02.2021 tba
09.02.2021 tba