Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag Seminar is an informal research seminar for researchers at the Gutenberg School of Management & Economics. Research-interested students are welcome to attend. The Brown Bag takes place on Tuesdays from 12 a.m. until 1 p.m.  in room HS V 00-251.

The Brown Bag will this semester take place in a hybrid format. If you prefer to attend online, you can do so via an MS Teams link that we will provide..

Presenters who want to present online can do so. Please inform me in advance

Researchers from all levels, from junior researchers to professors are welcome to present their work in progress and (close to) finished research projects. If you would like to present your work, please send an email to sekretariat.vanewijk[at], cc to vanewijk[at]

Presenters may bring along an evaluation-sheet in order to get feedback on their presentation. The presenter is kindly requested to bring a sufficient number of copies of the evaluation sheet to the seminar.

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Winter Term 2022/23

Date Title Name Place
25.10.202 Internal meeting
01.11.2022 public holiday
08.11.2022 Heterogeneous Agents in Intertemporal Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence Prof. Dr. Daniel Schunk HS V 00-251
15.11.2022 Human Capital Accumulation under Correlated Idiosyncratic and Aggregate Shocks Steffi Hahn HS V 00-251
22.11.2022  Prenatal consultation and maternal adherence to the Ramadan fast Paul Witte HS V 00-251
29.11.2022 School starting age effects on mortality Mathias Huebener HS V 00-251
06.12.2022 internal meeting
13.12.2022 The Effect of Offshoring on Firm Emissions Yen Nhi Nguyen HS V 00-251
20.12.2022 Winners and losers of the 2015 Swiss exchange rate shock: Unveiling heterogeneous worker responses Prof. Dr. Philipp Sauré HS V 00-251
03.01.2023 winterbreak
10.01.2023 Collective Choice over Collective-Choice Rules Prof. Dr. Salvatore Barbaro HS V 00-251
17.01.2023 The Impact of Standards and Regulation on Innovation in Uncertain Markets Cesare A. F. Riillo HS V 00-251
24.01.2023 Minimum Wage Pass-through to Wholesale and Retail Prices: Evidence from the Washington State Cannabis Industry Carl Hase HS V 00-251
31.01.2023 Interdisciplinary Research in Economics Marc Diederichs HS V 00-251
07.02.2023 internal meeting

Summer Term 2023

Date Title Name Place
18.04.2023 Internal meeting HS V 00-251
25.04.2023 tba Mark Ruszel HS V 00-251
03.05.2023 HS V 00-251
09.05.2023 tba Jana Niedringhaus HS V 00-251
16.05.2023 HS V 00-251
23.05.2023 HS V 00-251
30.05.2023 HS V 00-251
06.06.20203 HS V 00-251
13.06.2023 tba Marius Orthey HS V 00-251
20.06.2023 HS V 00-251
27.06.2023 HS V 00-251
04.07.2023 HS V 00-251
11.07.2023 HS V 00-251
18.07.2023 HS V 00-251