GSME Discussion Paper Series

Welcome to the site listing the Discussion Papers of our Gutenberg School of Management and Economics (GSME). Discussion papers are listed here in inverse chronological order. The discussion paper series started on 1 January 2010.

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No. Authors, Title Year
2412 Salvatore Barbaro (Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany), Anna-Sophie Kurella (University of Mannheim, Germany), Maike Roth (Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany):
Electoral outcomes versus voters’ preferences: On the different tales the data can tell
2411 Salvatore Barbaro (Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany):
Electoral Methods and Political Polarization
2410 Anna-Sophie Kurella (University of Mannheim, Germany), Salvatore Barbaro (Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany):
On the Polarization Premium for radical parties in PR electoral systems
2409 Patrick Arni (University of Bristol, United Kingdom), Pether H. Egger (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Katharina Erhardt (University of Düsseldorf, Germany), Matthias Gubler (SNB, Switzerland), Philip Sauré (Johannes Gutenberg University):
Heterogeneous Impacts of Trade Shocks on Workers
2408 Guenter W. Beck (University of Siegen, Germany), Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany), Muzammil Hussain (University of Siegen, Germany), Mark Ruszel (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany):
Anti-poor and anti-rich: Product-downgrading and the distributional effects of UK inflation in the wake of the Brexit vote
2407 Claudia Landwehr (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Armin Schäfer (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany):
Who wants descriptive representation, and why?
2406 Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
Globalization and its Contents: An Update
2405 Johannes Carow (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
A critical assessment of the two-way fixed-effects model for firm-level dependent variables
2404 Johannes Carow (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Niklas M. Witzig (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
Time Pressure and Strategic Risk-Taking in Professional Chess
2403 Nils D. Steiner (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Claudia Landwehr (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
False Consensus Beliefs and Populist Attitudes
2402 Eva M. Berger (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), Henning Hermes (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), Daniel Schunk (Johannes Gutenberg University), Kirsten Winkel (University of Koblenz):
The Impact of Working Memory Training on Children's Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills
2401 Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Jana Niedringhaus (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
On Social Cohesion and Social Disintegration

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