GSME Discussion Paper Series

Welcome to the site listing the Discussion Papers of our Gutenberg School of Management and Economics (GSME). Discussion papers are listed here in inverse chronological order. The discussion paper series started on 1 January 2010.

If you want to submit a paper to the series, please contact the IPP office. These discussion papers are listed in Repec. See here for a description of how this is done and how you can add them to SSRN.

No. Authors, Title Year
2104 Marc Diederichs (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Peter G. Kremsner (University of Tübingen), Timo Mitze (University of Southern Denmark), Gernot Müller (University of Tübingen), Dominik Papies (University of Tübingen), Felix Schulz (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz), Klaus Wälde (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz):
Is large-scale rapid CoV-2 testing a substitute for lockdowns?
2103 Mathias Hoffmann (University of Zurich), Iryna Stewen (Johannes Gutenberg University), Michael Stiefel (University of Zurich):
Growing Like Germany: Local Public Debt, Local Banks, Low Private Investment
2102 Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg University), Jakub Knaze (Johannes Gutenberg University):
Effective Exchange Rate Regimes and Inflation
2101 Matthias Dincher (Johannes Gutenberg University), Valentin Wagner (Johannes Gutenberg University):
Teaching in Times of COVID-19: Determinants of Teachers’ Educational Technology Use

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