Faculty Seminar Series

Our seminar series is jointly run by Prof. Stefan Irnich, Prof. Franz Rothlauf and Prof. Klaus Wälde. The seminar takes place on mondays from 4:15 - 5:45 pm in room "Dekanatssaal" (ReWi I building, 03-150).

Summer Term 2018

14.05.2018: Hendrik Jürges, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Topic: Prenatal exposure to the German food crisis 1944–1948 and health after 65 years

Invited by: Reyn van Ewijk

28.05.2018: Mircea Trandafir, University of Southern Denmark

Topic: Spillover Effects of Early-Life Medical Interventions

Invited by: Reyn van Ewijk

04.06.2018: Ingo Geishecker, EUV Frankfurt Oder

Topic: Chinese Competition: Intra-industry and Intra-firm Adaptation

Invited by: Konstantin Wacker

11.06.2018: Charles Bellemare, Université Laval
18.06.2018: Alexander Sebald , University of Copenhagen
25.06.2018: Richard Upward, University of Nottingham

Topic: Social comparisons in job search

Invited by: Thorsten Schank

02.07.2018: Iris Kesternich, University of Leuven

Topic: Unbalanced sex ratios in Germany caused by World War II and their effect on fertility: a life cycle perspective

Invited by: Reyn van Ewijk