Faculty Seminar Series

Our seminar series is jointly run by Prof. Stefan Irnich, Prof. Franz Rothlauf and Prof. Klaus Wälde. The seminar takes place on mondays from 4:15 - 5:45 pm in room "Dekanatssaal" (ReWi I building, 03-150).

Summer Term 2019

13.05.2019: Jens Wrona, Heinrich Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Topic: Exporting and Offshoring with Monopsonistic Labour Markets

Invited by: Philipp Harms

20.05.2019: Tibor Neugebauer, University of Luxemburg

Topic: Arbitrage bots in experimental asset markets

Invited by: Daniel Schunk

28.05.2019: Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Federal Reserve Board

For once this seminar takes place on a Tuesday!

Topic: Trade Credit and Markups

Invited by: Philip Sauré

3.06.2019: Andreas Moxnes, University of Oslo
17.06.2019: Christian Fischer, Universität Bayreuth

Topic: Optimal Payment Contracts in Export Relationships

Invited by: Philip Sauré

24.06.2019: Jan Marcus, University of Hamburg
1.07.2019: Pia Pinger, University of Bonn

Topic: The Expected (Signaling) Value of Higher Education

Invited by: Reyn Van Ewijk

8.07.2019: Christina Gathmann, University of Heidelberg

Topic: Job Loss and Health Spillovers in the Family

Invited by: Thorsten Schank